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Workout of the Day (Conditioning & Benchmark)

Our workout of the day requires a reasonable level of fitness. We combine principles of strength and conditioning. Exercises remain similar but the structure will vary week to week. 

High INtensity INterval Training (H.I.I.T.)

This class is suitable for every fitness level. High intensity efforts are interspersed with periods of recovery (rest or low intensity exercise). We use bikes, ski-erg, rower and running to get your heart rate pumping. H.I.I.T is a fantastic method in increasing your fitness efficiently and in a low impact manner.


Strength classes involve a combination of traditional strength training, focusing on targeting specific muscle groups, and functional strength, which aims to train your body as a whole to improve your ability to perform everyday tasks as well as excel in the gym.

Teams Workout

Earn your weekend indulgences by participating in our team challenge on a Saturday morning - combining a variety of different exercise styles. A challenging but fun workout. Get to know your fellow 477 team member whilst working towards a common goal. Community is important at 477 and this is a great way to build relationships within the studio.

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