We’re here to make taking control of your HEALTH AND WELLBEING simple, straightforward and satisfying.

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477 co. aims to make keeping fit, healthy and happy as easy as possible - leaving you the time and energy to do the things you love in life. Even if you’re not sure where to start, especially if you’re not sure who to ask, we want to ensure your health journey is smooth sailing from start to finish.

We start by finding out what’s most important to you. Do you want to have more energy? Maybe you want to feel confident in your body? Is your mood impacting your relationships? Are you struggling with concentration? Whatever your goals may be, we’re here to help.




Yoga has started at 477 co! Classes run Thursday evenings at 6:30pm and Saturday mornings from 8:00am. Sign up here and make sure you look for 477 Yoga by Shri SPRING HILL.


Our Studio

We are conveniently located at street level in front of The Johnson Hotel in Spring Hill, Brisbane. Our inner-city location offers ample street parking and plenty of other amenities nearby.